Picture of Jim holding a camera, wearing sunglasses and facing to the right. Image credit: Justin Love

Hi, I’m Jim. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, artist and writer. This is where I share things I make. You’ll find photographs, the odd drawing, a few stories and lots of video. Thanks for stopping by.

By day I work at Benevity as Director of Product Design. I joined Benevity in the early days and have scaled our design team along with the company. I believe in using the power of technology in ways that benefit people, society and the planet we call home.

I like art and games and I think both become more interesting when they’re mixed together. In the past I’ve worked with lots of really talented people and sometimes we get carried away.

I live just outside Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island with my lovely wife Sarah, amazing son Magnus and Hank, our cantankerous cat.

If you’d like to get in touch it’s best to use LinkedIn.